Questions, Reports, & Expectations

September 05, 2012

Ask lots of questions before you start a campaign

Ask 15, 20, or 50 questions if you have to.  The more you know about the client’s expectations, what types of work he/she has done in the past, and what his/her needs are, the better you’ll be prepared to handle problems as they arise.  If problems are to surface, you’ll be praised by how quickly you can adjust to those issues and create new ways to move forward.  Have “fire drill” meetings internally to figure out the best ways to please the client.

Deliver weekly or monthly reports to a client, but most importantly answer every single email in a timely fashion

Nothing is more irritating to me than unanswered emails, especially when this can delay our campaign’s progress dramatically.  So think about how the client feels when he doesn’t hear from you for several days or weeks.  As the owner of the company, no matter how backlogged you get, make sure to answer each and every email as quickly as you possibly can.  Clients want to feel that they come first, and the faster you respond, the more secure they will feel that the work is being done.  Also remember to deliver clean and visually stimulating reports to a client on a regular basis.  They will probably only look at it for a few seconds, so deliver the meat up front.  Stats, charts, pictures and growth.

Clients will remember you for blowing away their expectations

Not every campaign is going to work out perfectly, and in marketing, results can vary wildly.  But clients will definitely remember you for that one big idea or large increase they saw in their sales, website hits, social media numbers, or in overall brand awareness.  Make sure that your biggest accomplishment is highlighted in your final report to that client.  Nothing is better than a client referral for more business with one of their associates, based on the great work or service you provided them.

By : Erik Koral



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